Alexandra Ribeiro

Professora Catedrática

Centro de Investigação

CENSE - Center for Environmental and Sustainability Research


I have a PhD in Environ. Eng. (1998) at the Technical University of Denmark, a MSc in Sanitary Eng. (1992) and a BSc in Environ. Eng. (1985), both at FCT/UNL. I teach and conduct research on Soil and Soil Pollution, and remediation techniques, among other fields. I have been leading several international and national research projects on electro-remediation, studying the removal of inorganic and organic contaminants from soil, CCA and creosote treated wood waste, mine waste, sludge, municipal solid waste incinerators fly ash, aiming the valorization of the solids and the liquids (electrolytes), with nutrient recovering. The development of new analytical methodologies for the characterization of complex environmental polluted matrices and monitorization of remediation processes is also one of my team aims, targeting forming human resources and exchanging students at all levels.