Portuguese Association of Marine Litter


Mission: protect the environment against the impacts of litter, specially plastic, in marine and ocean ecosystems and in estuaries waterways and their margins; to raise awareness and promote co-responsibility towards sustainable consumption values, citizenship, solidarity and environmental protection. APLM provides educational and training activities to all publics and informs and dessiminates knowledge about marine litter and microplastics supported by science.


The APLM has the following specific objectives:

a. Promotion and organization of awareness actions on marine litter in Portugal;

b. Participation in regional, national and international projects in the field of environmental education related to the Marine Litter issues and sustainable development;

c. Cooperation, collaboration and exchange with academic institutions, companies, associations, non-governmental organizations and other public or private, national or international organizations to enhance and promote solutions to the environmental problems related to Marine Litter;

d. Dissemination of relevant scientific and technical information and knowledge, with the purpose of contributing to the public policies related to the Marine Litter issue;

e. Enhancement of intercultural actions that foster international cooperation aiming at the protection of the environment, such as: meetings, conferences, exhibitions, competitions and other events, as well as training actions, environmental education actions and volunteering, in connection to the Marine Litter issues;

f. Provision of supporting services for the implementation and management of socio-environmental projects, specifically through scientific, technical and operational support laying within its competences, when requested by public and private national and international institutions, as well as by non-profit organizations;

g. Elaboration and promotion of programs for the training of teachers, educators and animators as well as programs to support leisure time activities, holiday camps and nature tourism;

h. Implementation of cooperation and education activities for the development at international level, with the possibility of implementation in Portuguese Language Countries, encouraging the exchange of knowledge, materials and people;

i. Creation of prizes and scholarships congruent with the topics of APLM.

Visit APLM: https://en.aplixomarinho.org/missao