MARE – Marine and Environmental Sciences Centre is a centre for research, technological development and innovation, with an integrative and holistic approach. It encompasses a wide diversity of expertise, skills, and capabilities, with a nationwide territorial implementation. The centre develops its activities towards societal challenges, in close partnership with national and international research centres. MARE combines expertise allowing approaching all types of aquatic systems in a scientific and technological perspective, from river basins and associated landscapes, estuaries and coastal areas, to the ocean and deep sea, in a regional and global change and cumulative anthropogenic impacts context. MARE is a multipolar RD&I Centre, presently with seven poles and more than 500 researchers, distributed between two Research Groups: River Basins and Coastal Systems and Ocean. MARE is graded Excellent RD&I Unit by the FCT I.P. (Foundation for Science and Technology, Ministry of Science and Higher Education).

MARE-NOVA, located at FCT NOVA, pursues excellence in the study of aquatic ecosystems and its land and social interactions, knowledge dissemination in support of human progress and sustainable development policies, also contributing to a participative Blue Society. This is achieved through scientific research, education, knowledge and technology transfer to the industry, as well as science dissemination and the establishment of collaborative networks at both national and international levels. MARE-NOVA develops research activities of recognized quality in the following areas: environmental toxicology and risk analysis, water resources management, hydraulics and hydrology, management of living marine resources, marine biology and ecology, marine litter and microplastics, water pollution bioremediation, waste prevention and management, life cycle analysis and circular economy, coastal zone planning, urban sustainability and adaptations to climate change, ocean governance and literacy, socio-cultural studies of coastal communities and blue sustainability.


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