Useful Emergency Contacts:

European Emergency Number: 112

Anti-Poison Information Center (CIAV): 808 250 143

Firefighters Trafaria: 212 950 093 (external assistance intervention request)

Republican National Guard: 212 942 639


FCT NOVA Security:

Vigilant - 916025546 or Ext. 18112

Security Section - 916045661 or Ext. 15402

Main Entrance: Ext. 13191


Contacts at DCEA:

Doctor Eduardo Mateus - Ext.10139 - epm@fct.unl.pt

Secretariat DCEA - Ext. 10101 - dcea.secretariado@fct.unl.pt


The Department of Environmental Sciences and Engineering is a place where everyone learns, lives and works in a healthy and safe environment. To keep this objective, everyone must be aware of and be familiar with the potential dangers associated with laboratory practices in teaching and research activities.