Innovative Recycling: EU Research Project RELiEF Kicks Off to Give New Life to Previously Unrecovered Lithium in Batteries


By setting up an integrated recycling facility, the consortium of 13 interdisciplinary European partners will provide a solution to greatly reduce Lithium waste and decrease the dependency of the EU on imported battery chemicals and raw materials.

15th July 2022 – Lithium metal has been in high demand. Now more so than ever with the increasing popularity of e-mobility. Despite lithium recycling being an established process, an estimated 27% of the current global lithium production still turns into waste. The new research project RELiEF, a consortium of 13 partners from seven European countries, sets out with the very clear goal of reducing lithium waste by more than 70% through the use of previously unused secondary lithium sources. Funded through the European Union’s Horizon Europe Framework Programme for Research and Innovation, the project will receive EUR 6 million over the next three years. RELiEF is coordinated by Avesta Battery & Energy Engineering and the consortium kicks off its activities today with a virtual meeting.

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