Neusa L. Figueiredo

Professora Auxiliar Convidada


Academic background:

PhD in Pharmacy (Toxicology) (FFUL), Master degree in Biochemistry (FCUL) and degree in Biology (ISA-UL).

Participation in the projects PROFLUX (PTDC/MAR/102748/ 2008) and PLANTA (PTDC/AAC-AMB/115798/ 2009), both funded by FCT.


Research Interests

NL. Figueiredo expertise is in microbiology and environmental toxicology. Environmental toxicology, especially aquatic toxicology, is a research area focused on the effects of exposures to toxic substances. In this context, the presence of pollutants in aquatic systems can modify the genetic composition of microorganisms, selecting those with resistant genotype. The genetic engineering approach in microbiology can make a powerful combination with environmental toxicology for the study of bioremediation strategies. Thus, her specific research interest is related with how environmental contaminants, especially aquatic pollutants, affect aquatic organisms, from microbial cell to vertebrate, and how microorganisms and plant can be use to mitigate the risk associate to the aquatic system pollution.   


Current activity:

Currently, NL. Figueiredo is involved in the Project PAHMIX - a molecular approach to improve environmental risk assessment strategies. FCT/MCTES (PTDC/CTA-AMB/29173/2017).